About Us

SitiaOnline.com is owned and operated by EVOO, LTD. Our mission is to represent the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Sitia in the United States. We believe that the Cooperatives' farmer-members have a passion to produce the world's best Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Although they are not yet as famous as some of the Italian brands here, once discovered, they won't disappoint.

The Union, which was established in 1933, today totals 43 cooperatives and over 8,700 farmer-members. This represents almost all of the farming families in the province of Sitia, on the island of Crete in Greece. Its focal points are in the fields of olive oil and wine.

Let us focus in the area of olive oil.  The Union collects the produce of the area and brings it to the Greek and international market either in bulk or as a standardized product. The excellent quality of the olive oil is proved by its good position in the difficult market of Italy.  Their facilities provide storage for 5,000 tons of olive oil and a bottling capacity of 10,000 kg per day.

It is worth noting that Greece produces almost exclusively premium quality olive oil ― 85-90% of its olive oil production is extra virgin, whereas none of the other olive oil producing countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal just to name a few) exceed 50-60%.

The intention of our website is to educate people about the healthiness of the Mediterranean Diet and promote SITIA's award winning line of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the United States. Some of the products are available nationally, however the distribution network is still limited. We invite you to order through us online and experience the taste of the most awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world.