Olive Oil Information

The following are excerpts from the book “The Secret of Good Health - Olive Oil,” by Nikos and Maria Psilakis. The authors have generously agreed to share with us the vast knowledge and results of their extensive research of olive oil, olives, the Mediterranean diet and particularly the Cretan diet.

For a more comprehensive understanding of this golden nectar and its correct use, this book provides informative and entertaining lessons for the scholar, the connoisseur, the health conscious and for those who just love good food. It contains wonderful recipes, information on the ingredients, tidbits of historical and medical facts and many beautiful photographs by Nikos Psilakis.


 Olive Oil in the Cretan Diet: The Study of the Seven Countries

 What is Olive Oil?

 The Olive Harvest and Olive Oil Production

 Olive Pressing

 Storage of Olive Oil

 Olive Oil Qualities

 Olive Oil Characteristics

 Olive Oil, The Secret of Good Health