What is Olive Oil?

Olives are the fruits of the olive tree which is indigenous to the Mediterranean countries but also cultivated nowadays in other areas, even in America and Australia. There are many different kinds of olives. Some are used only for making oil, while others are for eating and these are usually large in size. There are also some varieties which are used for both oil and consumptions. The tree blossoms in spring (April May) and shortly afterwards, the olive fruit start to grow. They are a bright green color to begin with and this lasts until the point when they ripen. This point varies amongst the different types of olive but usually it is around the end of autumn.

The olive is drupe, in other words, a fruit with a fleshy skin enclosing a stone and either circular or oval in shape. Olive oil is the natural juice of the olive, a pure product which is obtained with machinery or by natural means. The oil of the olive is found in the pericart, the fleshy part of the fruit.

There is a great difference between olive oil and seed oil when looking at its make-up and how it is obtained. Seed oil is produced from various seeds put through chemical procedures. Olive oil is only from the olive and is made in a totally natural way.



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