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Lantzanakis Olive Oils

The Lantzanakis family has been growing organic extra virgin olive oil since 1995 on their estate in Sitia, Crete. The olives are organically and biodynamicly cultivated with natural and traditional methods under the control of DIO.


Extra virgin olive oil with a maximum acidity of 0.7%. Made from the "Koroneiki" olive, it has a rich golden green color and a fruity aroma, which leaves a pleasant and long lasting aftertaste.


Extra virgin olive oil with a maximum acidity of 0.3%. It's fresh aromas of fruit and herbs has won it numerous 1st prize awards and is the most acclaimed of the SITIA brand of olive oils.

Bio SITIA Organic

Extra virgin olive oil produced entirely from organic cultivated "Koroneiki" olives. With a maximum acidity of 0.5%, it achieves the same superior quality and unique fruitiness that defines the SITIA brand of olive oils.

Mercouri Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil that is produced at the Mercouri Estate from its own olive trees in the western Peloponnese, near Ancient Olympia.  Yellow-gold in color with intense aromas of pear, sage and oleander.

GAI'A Vinegar of Santorini (limited quantities)

Produced in Santorini from Assyrtiko grapes, this rare vinegar has its roots deep in the long winemaking tradition of this Aegean Sea island. Enjoy its powerful aroma and sweet, long lasting aftertaste.