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GAI'A Vinegar of Santorini

Produced in Santorini from Assyrtiko grapes, this rare vinegar has its roots deep in the long winemaking tradition of this Aegean Sea island.

The must, produced after having crushed the Assyrtiko berries, is split in two equal parts. One is turned into dry vinegar by the traditional method and then aged for more than 4 years in 225 liter oak casks. The other part of the must is reduced to of its initial volume by gentile heating in copper pots. The aged dry vinegar is then blended with the reduced must and then the resulting sweet vinegar is aged again for another 12 months in 500 liter oak casks. After 12 months, it is bottled directly from the oak casks without any filtration or other treatments.

It can be used for drizzling, dressing salads and for cooking.  It is a rare vinegar with its powerful aroma and sweet, long lasting aftertaste.

250 ml glass bottle



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