SITIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awarded International First Prize One More Time

June 10, 2002

Greece, and her Olive Oil, has received yet another significant honor. At the International Competition of the MARIO SOLINAS Quality Award for extra virgin olive oils that was organized by the International Olive Oil Council, SITIA extra virgin olive oil of the Union of the Agricultural Cooperatives of Sitia took first place proving the qualitative superiority of Sitian, and generally of Greek, olive oil.

This is the second year that the MARIO SOLINAS Quality Award competition is being held. An official competition, whose aim is to improve the position of olive oils that have the finest organoleptic characteristics and to help consumers make their selections with qualitative criteria.

It is worth noting that at this competition, during which a multitude of participants from almost all the oil-producing countries of the world took part (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and Egypt just to name a few), the Union of the Agricultural Cooperatives of Sitia, for the second year running, won first prize in the category of extra virgin olive oil with a fruity taste.

The prize was awarded during an official ceremony on June 5, 2002 in Madrid at the 86th Session of the International Olive Oil Council.

This award, and the fact that it won it in two consecutive years, constitutes a milestone not only for the producers of the Union of the Agricultural Cooperatives of Sitia but for all Greek olive cultivators, since our country produces, almost exclusively, fine quality olive oil, in other words extra virgin olive oil at a percentage that amounts to more than 85%-90% than any other olive-producing country.



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